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Reliable, Consistent, and Secure Internet Services for Your Business

When you are looking for an internet provider near you, it’s important to find a provider who can deliver reliable service. You need high-speed internet that won’t go out when you need it most — like in the middle of a virtual meeting with clients. At SyncWave, we offer affordable plans that you can trust. Unlike some other internet providers, our advertised speeds are what you can expect to receive the majority of the time, not just when conditions are ideal. And with our team of technicians monitoring our network 24/7, you can count on quick, proactive support.

Our Internet Plans – No Hidden Fees, Unlimited Data

When you work with SyncWave, you will never have to deal with any hidden fees or slow service due to data usage, and you can count on us to recommend an internet plan that is appropriate for your companies size and internet usage.

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$65.45 per month

  • Download Speed – 16 Mbps
  • Upload Speed – 10 Mbps
  • Managed Internet Connection
  • Great for Basic Business Needs


$85.00 per month

  • Download Speed – 32 Mbps
  • Upload Speed – 18 Mbps
  • Great for Surveillance Systems 
  • Add Public Static IP: $14.00



  • Download Speeds Up to 200+ Mbps
  • Managed Firewall Services 
  • Custom IP Address Configurations
  • Networking & Consulting

Additional Services

Installation Costs

Our standard installation fee is $135. This includes a standard wireless radio, a standard mounting option, up to 75 ft of outdoor-rated cable, and cable trenching if needed. For more installation information, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SyncWave cover my area?

The best way to determine if you have immediate coverage, or to find out if we are servicing your area soon is to contact us for a free site survey. We answer all calls and emails on a daily basis and will be happy to answer your questions. Please fill out a Service Request Form to set-up a free site survey.

Is my data really unlimited? 

Yes, your data will truly be unlimited. SyncWave will not cap your data, throttle your speed, or charge you extra for going over a “normal” data use.  So watch as many movies, play games as long as you want, and download as much as you want because we’re not going to stop you or charge you more.

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