Router Pro Support Plan

Few things in digital life are more frustrating than when a home wireless network goes haywire.  Not only do you lose your home network, but unexpected costs of technical support and equipment replacement can wreak havoc on your budget.


SyncWave offers a convenient support program that eliminates these worries providing you with free standard home routers or up to 60% reduced cost on more advanced routers, and no labor charges for remote technical support to get you up and running again.


This Pro Support Agreement includes:

  • Free standard home router on initial service installation, and free standard router replacements on our Router Pro Support Plan
  • 60% Reduced cost on dual band router and free replacement on our Router Pro Plus program
  • Remote technical support for router, for troubleshooting, and software malfunctions
  • Remote technical support for forgotten passwords
  • Remote assistance connecting wireless devices
  • Router software and firmware upgrades for your wireless access point
  • Free shipping for you router replacement if a customer pickup isn't practical

Not included:

  • Service calls to your home. (If a service call is required, you will be charged only for the truck roll and travel time, not for the technical support labor or router replacement.)
  • Reimbursement for service unavailability due to router malfunctions

This program is for a single router.
Your plan must be active for at least eight (8) months or you will be back-charged for any free routers received prior to cancellation.
This program is available with user-supplied routers.  Router replacement for user-supplied routers will be the router that SyncWave is currently supplying with your chosen plan.

If you decide to enact the program on your account, let your installer know, call our office 845-1065 ext. 101, or email

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