SyncWave LLC is built and operated by true IT professionals, individuals with nearly two decades of combined experience as well as advanced knowledge and experience in the IT field. This type of high level knowledge and experience sets our computer repair technicians apart from other technicians in the area, clearly defining our technicians as the best and most highly skilled professionals in Northern Michigan.

SyncWave LLC has extensive experience in commercial and enterprise class IT support, with technicians this developed, our level of service is unmatched by any other repair shop in Northern Michigan.

Spyware/Malware/Virus Remediation

Are you receiving annoying popups, experiencing decreased performance or being asked to spend money to magically fix a virus problem? Are you experience strange issues with your software or other unexplained issues with your computer? SyncWave LLC has individuals on staff with specific computer security training. Our highly educated and highly experienced technicians can handle any virus no matter the damage or infection level.

Data Recovery

The integrity of your data is of the utmost importance, we realize that you have data that you cannot afford to lose. Every day, people permanently lose family pictures, baby pictures, important financial information or other information due to a virus, hardware failure or even a failed attempt to fix a computer. Our IT professionals specialize in data recovery we have recovered data from many hundreds of computers in support of computer remediation or as a result of failing hardware. Our data receovery and protection services extend from the consumer level, through the commercial level all the way out to the enterprise level. We are data recovery experts, you can trust your data with SyncWave LLC.


Our technicians use the latest hardware, software and techniques to troubleshoot your computer. We will give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you are experiencing a failing power supply, processor failure due to heat or a bad memory module, we will find the problem and present options to addressing the problem.


SyncWave LLC can provide you with an upgrade path as well as a synopsis of where your computer could benefit from an upgrade. Many times, it can be unclear as to if there if is room to upgrade your processor, our how much more memory you can add, or even in calculating power consumption when considering adding in a high powered graphics card. Let SyncWave LLC show you the path and provide the advice necessary to make an informed and proper decision.


SyncWave LLC can provide professional installation of your computer or laptop system; we can also install home networking equipment, printers, and computer accessories (such as input equipment or webcams).

In-Home Support

Many of the services we offer in office can be offered in-home as well. In-home service or diagnosis is convenient and personal as you can ask questions and have your concerns addressed by a friendly and knowledgeable technician. Some problems can be fixed onsite. In-Home support cannot adequately solve all problems (requirements such as long-term scanning or intensive work that requires hours of work and are best addressed in our offices). Please contact SyncWave LLC to determine if your problem could be addressed onsite.

Other issues

Contact SyncWave LLC for any problem or questions and concerns you may have regarding your computer, we can handle everything.