Customer Testimonials

SyncWave prides itself in offering the highest performing and most affordable wireless internet services in the area. See what our customers are saying about our services. These responses are a sample of the responses we receive.

"Hey Chris is Jason you just installed at my house Thursday. Thank you very much for helping us out. The service works great and am very happy. Now I get to do my work from the house like I am supposed to! "

-Jason J

"Thanks for all the good service! "

-Church of Christ

"Thank you for the exceptional quality & speed of the internet you are providing! "

- William.

"Thank you for the great service! Love it! Syncwave is AWESOME. "

- Debbie.

"Extremely happy with our internet service. "

- Jessica.

"I just wanted to let you know my internet is working fantastic, and I appreciate your company and service. It's a pleasure to be able to get my work done without frustration. Thanks so much. :-) "

- Toni.

"We love your internet service it is great."

- Merlene.

"One week ago today we started with SyncWave. We are extremely pleased. It is great not wondering every day if we will have reliable Internet today. Thank you Chris and Chris for the very professional install and help and thank you SyncWave for offering reliable Internet in Riverton. "

- Lela.

"Russell and crew......THANK YOU for supplying us with the best internet we have ever used! It is amazing! I can't believe how quick it is. You guys are great."

- Roger.

"Thank you love it!!! "

- Brandy.

"Thanks!! This is why we love your service, you have the fastest response and the best personalized service.. "

- Tina.

"I have tried everything from cellular to satellite but nothing comes close to the speed and support I receive from syncwave. You cannot beat a local company dedicated to helping the struggling majority out of the serviceable area of the major broadband providers. You have changed my life forever thank you syncwave. "

- Chris N.

"Our expectations were not only met with SyncWave but super exceeded! After having had endless promises from Hughes Net, Alltel, Frontier, Sprint, Verizon and MichWave only to be disappointed with their inability to deliver, their lack of performance and speed, their costly install fees and non-existent customer service and blame the other guy mentality - not to mention ridiculously expensive monthly fees, we were delighted with the results from Chris and Russ. Not only does our internet service run circles around all of their competitors but their dedication to perfection and customer satisfaction is second to none. We're cruising the I.T. highways at super sonic speed now and are just thrilled. Thank you for making it possible for the outlying areas to soar technologically! "

- Jonathan and Shannon Ray

"Just wanted to let you know that we had a very positive experience today with our install team Chris squared. Thanks for getting us online!!! We've been disconnected for 2 weeks! Good luck with your expansion. "

- Jenny