Residential Internet Services

SyncWave offers a number of cost-effective internet service plans, these plans can handle everything from basic usage such as surfing and email all the way up to streaming high definition movies. The higher speed plans offer increased capacity which is necessary when a connection is shared over multiple computers, or for delivering content at a quicker pace (such as movies, music and downloading large files).

SyncWave is the only wireless internet provider in northwest Michigan capable of offering sustained speeds precisely as advertised, our pricing is exactly as represented on this page. We do not have any hidden fees or charges for internet service.

Residential Speed Plans
Internet Speed Plan Speeds (Kbps) - (Mbps)2 Monthly
Basic 2000Kbps - 2Mbps $45.45
Enhanced 3000Kbps - 3Mbps $54.45
Power 6000Kbps - 6Mbps $65.45
Ultimate1 10000Kbps - 10Mbps $85.00
No Contracts! No Data Transfer Caps! No Data Throttling!
1 This plan is available in most areas.
2 1Mbps equals 1000Kbps. These two metrics are most commonly used to describe the speed of the connection.
Installation Options
Standard Installation includes:
LOS (Line of Sight) and nLOS (Near Line of Sight)
Non-Standard Installation includes:
NLOS (Non Line of Site)

One wireless radio leased to the customer.

Installation of the radio on an approved structure with an elbow mount.

One cable run connected to the antenna mounted on the exterior to the power source inside the install location, up to a maximum of 75 feet of cable (exterior and interior).

One point of entry (POE), for cable from the outside to the interior of the house. At least one POE will be provided, at a point reasonably closest to the room where the computer/network equipment is located.

Activation and validation of working internet connection.

More powerful radio or radio/antenna combinations

Mounting options such as chimneys, tripods, and trees

Minor brush/branch removal

Usage of certain frequency ranges with inherently more expensive equipment

Mounting areas or surfaces not easily accessible such as steep-pitched roofs

Also includes these services at no extra charge!

Quick computer cleanup for up to two PCs, this includes browser and overall performance improvements.

Home Router installation and configuration of up to six devices. Ex: laptop, xbox, ps3, Wii, newer TVs and Blu-Ray players.

Basic equipment removal, this includes other wireless equipment, and old communications cabling (at installers discretion).

Value exceeds $300 according to Geek Squad pricing

Standard Installation Cost (One Time Fee): $135 Non-Standard Installation Cost (One Time Fee): N/A
Going away for a time?
Whether you are leaving for the winter or leaving for an extended vacation, you can 'park' your connection and cease paying for service until you return. We do not provide this service for periods of time less than one month. There is a reactivation fee of $30 that covers reactivation and software updates.
Reactivation Cost (per instance): $30
Custom Installations available!!

Custom Installations

We realize that there are people out there who are within our service area but find themselves in a difficult situation due to having their house in a low valley, or perhaps have a very large stand of trees directly in the way. SyncWave has effectively-priced solutions designed to overcome these obstacles. We provide fully customized installations including installing towers, full trenching/conduit support, lateral underground cable runs, high elevation tree installs as well as very powerful antenna combinations. Please contact us for a site survey, quotes and installation timeframes.