SyncWave's IT professionals are experts in residential network design, operation, maintenance and administration. We offer a full range of residential class networking options, such as:

Internet Connection Sharing

If you have internet service to your home via Cable, DSL, Cellular, Satellite, dialup, etc. then it can be shared with any internet capable device you own. SyncWave, LLC can customize a home network for you to share your internet connection in a wired, wireless, or hybrid fashion. We offer in-home cabling service for data, phones, game consoles etc. and wireless networking for increased mobility.

Network Printer / Printer Sharing

If you have a multiple computers in your home that all need to print or even one wireless laptop with the need to print without tethering, we can help. Centralized printing offers cost saving benefits and increased mobility for mobile users.

File Sharing

Are you interested in centralized document access and backup within the home or just the ability to share files between computers? We can offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs.