Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page will answer questions as well as link over to other pages that provide relevant information towards the question. We also take questions via email and phone.

General Section

Where did SyncWave LLC come from?

SyncWave is a local company operated by local professionals who provide Mason County's most powerful wireless broadband service as well as extensive consumer, commercial and enterprise class IT consulting. Back to Top

How do SyncWave's connections work?

SyncWave installs and operates base station equipment designed to deliver our wireless signals at long distance and over large geographic regions. We use receivers installed locally at our customer's houses to receive and transmit back this wireless signal. It works in principle like wifi, except with far more powerful carrier grade equipment. Back to Top

Where can I find more information about SyncWave?

The website is the best tool we have in conveying information and providing documentation of our services, progress and objectives. We update the website daily with progress updates, news, support documentation and new web pages. In the event the website does not contain the information you are looking for, please feel free to email us. For contact information, please click here.
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Can this service be used by multiple computers at the same time?

Yes, SyncWave's wireless broadband service can easily be made available to multiple computers in both a wired and wireless fashion. We support all personal wired and wireless routers, we also offer range of routers that are more powerful than the models in the typical consumer lineup. Back to Top

Is my connection always available?

All of SyncWave's connections are always on and available. There are no logins or passwords required, all of the authentication processes are handled transparently with no input required. Back to Top

What if I have a problem?

SyncWave's networking and systems infrastructure and proactively and reactively monitored by its Owner and Operations Manager, we often find and address problems without our clients even realizing there was a problem. In the event a problem is identified we provide phone, remote and onsite support to correct the problem in a timely fashion.Back to Top

Pricing Section

What does SyncWave's service cost?

SyncWave's rates and installation costs are some of the lowest in the industry, easily lower than other providers in the region, for a breakdown of costs for service and installation please click here. Back to Top

Will my costs increase over time?

Your costs will not increase over time, SyncWave does not employ any mechanism to increase prices (such as surcharges, overages etc. Costs only increase if a higher level plan is chosen at a later time. Back to Top

Why a fee for installation?

The fee we charge for installation covers the cost of the wireless access point, power unit and wiring. It also covers labor required to install the equipment. Back to Top

How does SyncWave compare to other providers?

SyncWave provides the highest performance in the area while maintaining lower costs than our competitors. Our pricing structure will always provide the highest level of performance without sacrificing the low cost that our customers enjoy. To view our service levels and associated pricing please click here. Back to Top

Is there a contract?

SyncWave provides contract options, but currently does not require a contract to provide service. Some exceptions apply for business customers. Back to Top

Performance Section

How does SyncWave's wireless performance compare to other types of wireless?

Only SyncWave can provide a true broadband experience that can handle everything from light web browsing all the way up to watching HD quality movies from Netflix. Other wireless providers in the area as well as all cellular based connections cannot even provide lightweight video services such as Youtube without stopping and stuttering. For a comprehensive comparison of area's wireless services please click here. Back to Top

Will my performance increase over time?

SyncWave is constantly upgrading its equipment and software to provide the best performance possible, we deploy new equipment and upgrade our services transparently, providing an ever-increasing level of performance. Back to Top

Can I watch Netflix movies?

Yes, SyncWave's mid and top tier plans provide the bandwidth needed to watch HD quality movies. Back to Top

Can I play my XBOX360, PS3 or PC games online?

Our service operates with inherently low latency (the time it takes for information to travel between points), this is of critical importance in any type of real time gameplay. We support all gaming platforms including XBOX360/XBOXONE, PS3/PS4, Wii, Mac and PC.
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Can I connect my TV or Blu-ray Player to the internet and stream movies?

Yes. Many newer TVs, DVD/Blueray players and home entertainment systems offer internet support and can stream movies from Neflix or other services such as Hulu. Connecting these devices to the internet is as simple as plugging them in or connecting via a short-range wireless connection. Streaming movies, videos and music to your TV or DVD Player will work as well as it would to your PC or Mac. Lastly, streaming services with gaming platforms are also supported (Netflix over a Nintendo Wii for example). Back to Top

Are there data caps?

SyncWave does not cap, restrict or throttle any of it's service plans. Back to Top

Coverage Section

Does SyncWave cover my area?

The best way to determine if you have immediate coverage, or to find out if we are servicing your area soon is to contact us for a free site survey. We answer all calls and emails on a daily basis and will be happy to answer your questions. Please click here for our free site survey form, please click here for contact information. Back to Top

Is SyncWave increasing coverage?

We are constantly increasing the coverage area of our wireless networks. We do this by installing equipment, upgrading our current equipment as well as fine tuning our current wireless networks. SyncWave is always working on projects designed to increase our coverage area as well as improve our service plans.Back to Top

Will Syncwave release a coverage map?

Coverage maps are difficult to create because they require a degree of estimation and guessing. SyncWave uses only empirical measurements to calculate our service area, we do this by collecting real data with our equipment and mapping it, creating a very realistic breakdown of where we have acceptable signal and where we do not. Additionally, coverage maps lead people into thinking they are covered when in fact they may not be. We invite anyone interested to contact us for more information, a question of coverage is best answered directly and not via a simple map. You can contact us here Back to Top

How can SyncWave be sure I am serviceable at my specific location?

SyncWave performs a free site survey onsite to ensure there is enough signal strength to support an internet connection. Additionally, SyncWave has already performed extensive signal testing in southern Mason County. Through performing surveys and routinely gathering new data, we can provide an accurate account of your serviceability. To request a site survey please click here here.
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I am not covered, what can I do?

If you find in working with us that you are not currently covered, it does not mean you will never have coverage. The best thing you can do is have your neighbors in and around your area to contact us. We are constantly expanding our service area and always factor in interest as we look into expanding. Upon first contact, we map your location and keep your contact information in our database. Everyone person who has ever contacted us is taken into account as we expand. Back to Top

Other Services Section

My new connection from SyncWave is fast, but now my computer cannot keep up!

SyncWave's IT professionals have nearly two decades of computer repair experience, we diagnose and repair all computer issues. If you computer cannot be repaired effectively we also sell or refurbish used computers. Please click here for more information. Back to Top

I need a new computer, can SyncWave help?

SyncWave is a Dell business partner and can provide competitive pricing on all Dell computers. SyncWave also provides custom built computers for any need, including powerful gaming computers as well as cost-conscious budget computers. Back to Top

Does SyncWave do work for business's?

Our IT professionals currently provide commercial and enterprise level IT services. Feel free to contact us with your needs. We are currently developing the business consulting aspect of our website, alhough we already provide a large variety of business services. Back to Top