SyncWave LLC offers a number of options regarding computer sales. We can offer custom builds ranging from budget computers to high powered gaming rigs, we also offer custom options for green computers. We provide expert advice in all instances and can help you choose a computer that is right for you.

Name Brand Sales

SyncWave LLC is partnered with Dell Computers, and can provide access to both consumer and business grade machines at a competitive price point.

Custom Builds

SyncWave LLC can build to order, all of our computer are custom built using only quality hand-picked parts. SyncWave LLC can meet any budget and fulfill any need. Some computer needs can only be properly met by custom building. We also offer enhanced warranties and tech support to fully cover any of your future needs or if you have a problem.

Used Computers

If you are operating under a tight budget or need a computer for the kids, SyncWave LLC can provide various products to meet any price point. All used computers are professionally inspected to ensure that the hardware is in good working order and that it will perform as expected.