Pay your bill online

Make your payment with ease. Please click the "Online Bill Pay" link to enter the payments area, you can create an account or choose to pay your bill without creating an account. Your account information is private to you. SyncWave does not retain records of your payment accounts.

You will be able to create an account and pay your bill, there is also the capability to pay your bill without an account. There is a link below "the create an account" information to process without creating an account.

Pay your bill now

Please give us a call at (231) 845-1065 if you encounter a problem.

SyncWave also provides automatic checking account withdrawal, if you are interested in having your checking account billed automatically please download, fill out and drop off or mail in this form. You will still receive your monthly invoice despite what payment option you choose.

Download - ACH - Authorization Agreement

eCommerce Policy

Our eCommerce policy provides direction on handling payment card and cardholder data at SyncWave LLC. Electronic commerce provides an expedient way to handle business transactions; however credit card industry regulations and general best practices require certain reasonable steps designed to protect the personal information and privacy of those who submit credit card information to SyncWave's payment processor.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is located here.

Service Refunds

Ongoing subscriptions and recurring charges may be cancelled at any time and will be effective for the next billing period. A cancellation will only cancel future billings, cancellations are never retro-active.

Product Refunds

SyncWave's warranty policies are covered in our Terms of Service. SyncWave does not provide refunds for returning equipment nor does SyncWave provide refunds for non-functional or dysfunctional equipment. Individual hardware warranties are provided by the manufacturer of the equipment. SyncWave provides replacement of warrantied devices and warrantied labor as covered in our Terms of Service.

Dispute Resolution

SyncWave does not rely on external entites for conflict resolution, if you have a billing or support issue please contact us directly


SyncWave-Initiated Cancellations

SyncWave reserves the right to cancel a transaction in order to comply with credit card industry regulations, payment processor and banking regulations, or the need to comply with Federal or State legal requirements, intellectual property rights, court orders and law enforcement agencies. In addition, SyncWave may cancel transactions it reasonably considers to be potentially fraudulent, unlawful, or in breach of SyncWave's Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy or Privacy Policy.