Archived News and Announcements

Old news and announcements are moved to this page. Generally, we will only keep about four news postings on the main page at any point in time. This section may grow to include other types of information as time passes.

Archived News & Announcements

SyncWave is hiring! Posted August 19th, 2014

As we continue to expand our renowned wireless & IT services in Mason and surrounding counties, we would like to announce the availability of new positions. SyncWave is looking for talented, ambitious individuals interested in building a career in information technology and technical services.

Click here for more information

Resume required to apply for a position.

Ford Lake Tower Online! Posted March 14th, 2014

The Ford Lake Tower is now online and providing internet service to Northeastern Mason County! The story behind the tower is varied and interesting; it has been a long road from the initial planning up through completion of the project. We had no idea the weather we were in for when we launched the construction project, record-setting wind, record-setting temperatures and snowfall all weighed in heavily on the project. In total six weeks were lost to weather delays, despite these delays we managed to work around (and in some circumstances - through) these weather delays and have officially completed the project.

With the completion of this project, we look forward to continued expansion and progress this year. Service area expansions, extensive equipment upgrades and new service offerings are all coming down the pipeline.

New Tower Construction! Posted January 10th, 2014

The 'Ford Lake', Fountain area 330' tower is officially under construction! There have been some weather related delays (polar vortex followed by freezing rain), however, the foundation is cured and we are committed to completing this tower as soon as possible.

We have an aggressive construction schedule concerning all phases of this project, we have a large amount of personnel and contractors scheduled and all of our resources are properly staged and ready to go. Preliminary construction began on January 9th and will conclude on January 11th. Primary Construction will begin on January 15th, aside from weather issues we plan on having the majority of the project complete by late January - early February. The schedule will be modified as such depending on how the project progresses.

Freesoil Tower Operational Posted October 30th, 2013

Our new tower in Freesoil is now operational, this tower covers all of Freesoil proper and the surrounding area. We had to reschedule our tower work several times due to highly unpredictable and sporadic weather, thank you to everyone for your patience. We are thankful for the support we have received from the community, we very well understand the level of anticipation as we have felt it ourselves and look forward to working in the area.

This tower and the project associated with it were originally part of another larger project, but was separated into it's own project when we changed our strategy for covering northeast Mason County. There is still another much larger tower which is currently under construction, please visit this link for the latest on that tower.

New Towers Posted September 25th, 2013

With nearly all of our upgrades complete this year (primary links, hardware upgrades, higher capacity distribution, new servers) along with all paperwork completed regarding tower upgrades/projects, we are focusing on the physical aspect of the tower projects. The Freesoil Tower will be finished as of this weekend, the Ford Lake Tower (Thunder, Blue, Gun, Round lakes) tower has been purchased and is on the way. We are actively working towards laying down the concrete foundation for this tower soon.

Scottville Area Expansion Posted March 7th, 2013

This particular project has existed in other forms since early 2012 - late 2011; just recently we clinched new key opportunities and decided to act on them immediately. Not only does this expansion increase our coverage area, it also allows us to provide additional service to our current subscriber base. This tower completely covers Scottville and the area around town, it also covers part of Custer and the area around it as well. We do not publish defined limits on coverage area, instead we look at each location independently and perform site surveys to determine serviceability.

We are excited to have completed this project ahead of schedule and will be working hard to get through our long list of pre-signups. We have people and assets positioned to efficiently get through the list, please fill out our site survey form to be contacted for survey and installation.

Please visit this page for project status and information.

Please visit this page for our site survey form.

Expansions Posted March 7th, 2013

We hit the ground running this year with several expansions projects in parallel, this is just a sample of what is to come. Not only do we have several expansions planned for the remainder of the year, we also have a myriad of upgrades, enhancements and new services planned. When we get closer to fruition on some of these projects we will begin releasing information. All will be revealed.

Fountain - Freesoil Area Expansion Posted February 1rst, 2013

Months of planning and preparation including achieving certain milestones last year have brought us to this moment, we would like to announce our next major expansion in the Fountain/Freesoil area. This particular expansion is designed to bring access to the areas we anticipated to be problematic (due to trees/elevation etc) as well as service to the general area.

It is important to note there are other expansions planned this year, these expansions share great synergy with each other and together will yield uncompromising coverage of Northeastern Mason County. Information regarding these projects will come later. Please visit our project page dedicated to this expansion.

Fiber Backbone Operational! Posted September 6th, 2012

We are pleased to announce that our new fiber backbone is fully operational and in production, we completed the cutover at 1:30am on September 6th. Our expectations were exceeded already; our latency was reduced by 65 - 75% and several customers (thank you to those who stayed up with us to test) reported that their overall experience is substantially faster. We would like to note that the cutover was flawless and that everyone should wake up to even faster connections.

As for the future, our fiber backbone will usher in a new tier of internet service (we will reveal information on this later) as well as pave the way for several new features that increase the performance of our connections even further. More information will come soon.

Fiber! Posted August 28th, 2012

If you thought our internet was the fastest available thus far, wait until after the installation of our new fiber backbone. The performance and capacity of this new connection is staggering and will produce a substantial increases in performance. Every aspect of our internet service will be improved. In addition to incredible increases in performance, we are releasing a new tier of internet service, boosting speed ratios on all plans at no additional charge, as well as adding new features to existing plans (some of this will be phased in).

Most of the fiber project is done, we will release updates as to when the installation is complete and when the cutover will be. We are currently working to maximise our current connections, we have pre-emptively completed several projects that ease the transition between our current connection and the new fiber connection. There will be at times short delays or service disconnects as we near completion. Most of these delays and service disconnects will occur late at night.

Network & Infrastructure Upgrades Posted July 28th, 2012

Starting on 7/28/12 we will begin deployment of our latest round of network and infrastructure upgrades. The majority of the upgrades will generate small periods of downtime lasting less than a minute, however a few of the upgrades may generate downtime up to an hour. Most of these upgrades are scheduled at night to minimize downtime; there may be small periods of downtime during the day.

We apologize ahead of time for any inconveniences caused by our upgrades. We would like to note that these upgrades not only vastly increase our performance and capacity, but also vastly increase our system's resilience to issues that affect the stability of our services.

Expansions Galore Posted June 23rd, 2012

We have several medium and large expansions planned for this year, two of which are already in the deployment phase. One of the towers just had its large concrete base poured and is currently hardening, the other tower is set to have our equipment installed on in just a matter of a few weeks. We will be posting specific information on these towers shortly. These two expansions are a part of our overall expansion plans for this year, which will yield massive and unmatchable coverage of Mason County.

Northern Michigan Winter Storm Posted March 5st, 2012

The powerful winter storms in northern Michigan cut power to over 115,000 customers on Friday/Saturday, crews are still working day and night to restore power. Access to SyncWave's website was in interrupted due to these power outtages, we relocated a couple of our servers in order to bring our website back online. Best of luck to those dealing with loss of power and dangerous roads.

Network Upgrades - Present and Near-Future Posted March 1st, 2012

SyncWave has completed another round of network upgrades, these upgrades included increasing our total capacity as well as substantial head-end processing improvements. Given the feedback we have received back thus far we count these improvements as quite successful.

We have another wave of network upgrades coming up, these will take the form of equipment upgrades as we upgrade some of our primary links. These particular upgrades will provide an unmatchable increase to network performance.

Ludington Daily News Article Posted February 16th, 2012

We are excited to announce that the Ludington Daily News ran a large news article regarding SyncWave highlighting our company's success since its inception of wireless broadband services in Mason County on April of 2011. The article went into detail on SyncWave's local IT professionals who own and operate the company, as well the powerful and low cost wireless broadband services provided by the company.

This nearly full page article was presented in the Ludington Daily Newspaper on Wednesday February 15th, 2012. We would like to thank the newspaper for it's support of local businesses, we would also like to thank our supporters, many of whom have contributed to SyncWave in one form or another.

Our new tower is operational! Posted December 17th, 2011

One month has passed since SyncWave purchased the 500ft tower on Meisenheimer road. During this month we have battled the onset of winter, supply chain issues, highly inaccurate weather forecasts and small animals who like the taste of network cabling. Despite the onslaught of setbacks and small problems, we were able to meet our deadlines and begin offering service. We even beat our service availability date by four days.

We have escalated our installation scheduling as well as brought additional team members in to assist with our list of signups. We ask for patience as we ramp up installations, we will work through the list as quickly as possible. Feel free to contact us for status updates in the mean time.

Internet Backbone Upgraded Posted December 7th, 2011

We have upgraded our main internet connection, effectively doubling our available capacity. This will allow us to continue growing our network without impacting existing customers. This improvement is one of many to come as we constantly work towards providing the best wireless internet service.

Tower Purchase!! Posted November 17th, 2011

SyncWave is pleased to announce the purchase of a 500ft tower located on the corner of Meisenheimer and Hoganson roads in Riverton Township. If you see the lights on this tower at night you have an excellent chance at a successful site survey, however, line of site is certainly not required.

If you would like to get more information about our plans, and how our service compares to cellular and more, click here for plans and here for our comparison page. The status of the tower project can be found here

To request a free site survey, click here. Once registered one of our representatives will contact you. Please stay tuned for more information, we are aggressively working on outfitting the tower but due to rigging requirements we need three solid days in a row without high winds, rain, and/or snow in the forecast.

Network Performance Improvements Posted October 1st, 2011

We would like to announce that we have completed our latest round of performance upgrades for our wireless network which include improved backhaul throughput, improved latency, and improved routing performance. In some cases, we were able to increase core routing performance by 10% to 30%, several of our clients have already noticed the improvements. We constantly strive to increase the performance of our wireless services.

Service Area Expansions Posted October 1st, 2011

Given our recent wireless network improvements, as well as our branch tower locations, we have significantly increased our service area. As of Fall 2011, we are providing service to the following townships: Pere Marquette Township, Amber Township, Riverton Township, Summit Township and Homestead Township. Regardless of current coverage areas, all expansions are driven by customer interest. You are welcome to submit for a site survey so that we may plot interest in your area, you can click here for the form.

Website Upgrades Posted August 31th, 2011

We will begin website upgrades at 1:00pm on 8/31/2011. These web site upgrades will increase the performance of the website as well as greatly increase the efficiency of all future content updates. During this time the website may appear to be down or nonresponsive. Normal operations will resume by 3:00pm 8/31/2011.

Free Demonstrations Posted July 13th, 2011

It is very common for other service providers to claim they have the fastest network, the best equipment, the best experience when in fact they do not even come close to it. We are confident and proud of the services we provide and enjoy performing site surveys and demonstrations of our service free of charge with no obligations. For many of our customers that had existing "broadband" wireless service, we performed side-by-side comparisons of broadband performance and allowed the customer to take the steering wheel and browse whatever sites they want. We offer a snappy and smooth internet experience whether using YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Skyping, online multiplayer gaming, or simply browsing eBay.

We firmly believe as a company that if you offer the best quality service at the best possible price, than there is no need to lock customers into with multi-year contracts or draw people in with low rates and jack up the prices a few months later. So if you're tired of higher cost 'start and wait' internet just fill out our site survey form or give us a call at 231-845-1065.

Speed upgrades and Price Reductions. Posted June 17th, 2011

SyncWave's wireless broadband connections are already well known for their high performance and low cost, in a move to reinforce that fact, we have further increased our speeds on nearly all of our plans as well as reduced the price on installations. No other wireless service provider can match our level of performance, much less at our price points. SyncWave strives to provide the highest level of performance, and in doing so setting ourselves apart from our competition.

SyncWave Launches Wireless Broadband! Posted May 24th, 2011

SyncWave's high-speed broadband services became available on May 21st 2011, marking the beginning of a very busy season of deploying our highly anticipated broadband services to the local community.

The weather including its forecasting hasn't been very accommodating this year. Every single phase of physical tower equipment installation was met with rain and high winds with several instances of packing up early due to thunder and lightning, however, we are happy to report that these disruptions to our work did not stretch any of our timeframes.

We have entered a new phase as we are ramping up installations, we are currently working with our subcontractors to lay out aggressive schedules by which we can catch up on all of our pre-signups as well as be able to install new clients quickly. Please stay tuned for updates, we thank you all thus far.

Water Tower Equipment Online Posted May 17th, 2011

We would like to thank everyone for signing up early, we are happy to announce that our tower equipment is operational and we will begin installations for service this weekend. Our official service launch date is set for May 21st, 2011. We have several installers prepared to work on the large number of signups thus far.

Equipment Installation Nearing Completion Posted May 10th, 2011

The top of the Pere Marquette water tower is starting to take shape, we deployed the majority of our gear over the past week. We expect to start customer installs as early as 5/14/2011 (weather permitting).

Website Contact and Site-Survey forms Posted March 18th, 2011

We have added a new site-survey form to the website. This form can be used to send us your location and contact information. The information you choose to send to us is used to determine your level of serviceablity and allows us to to estimate your signals levels in relation to the data we have already gathered.

Rural broadband expansion coming to Pere Marquette Township Posted February 23rd, 2011

SyncWave is currently finalizing an agreement with Pere Marquette Township, located in Mason County Michigan, to provide wireless broadband access to the residents of Pere Marquette Township and portions of five surrounding Townships. We recently met with the Township Board on February and were able to provide information and answer questions regarding our proposal, field tested coverage areas, and service offerings. During this small presentation, we provided information such as our collection of empirical field data supporting our coverage area and service level.

SyncWave, LLC brings website hosting in-house Posted February 19th, 2011

Our website, along with a majority of our client's websites, henceforth will be hosted in-house as part of our continued effort to provide the most affordable, robust and flexible service offering possible. Any errors or issues you see with the site will be promptly fixed during our change in hosting. Aside from any issues, we will be adding a significant amount of content over the next two weeks.

Long Awaited Website Updates Posted February 7th, 2011

SyncWave's website will be brought up to date this week, with the majority of the new content online by Friday. We will be adding information regarding our highspeed wireless broadband services, our diverse residential and commercial consulting services, and lastly adding additional functionality to the website (for requesting service as well as more information).

Services Section Receiving updates Posted September 16th, 2010

The services sections of the SyncWave LLC website is receiving a significant amount of updates as we add information regarding various other consumer and commercial services we offer. The information for these services will be made available between 9/16/10 and 9/25/10. Some links may not be immediately operational.

Immediate information regarding our various services can be obtained sooner by emailing us, please visit the contact page located here.

SyncWave Wireless Service Available! Posted June 28th, 2010

Our high-speed wireless internet service is now available in Beulah Michigan, at this time we are offering our "First Ten" promotional installation discount to customers in the serviceable region.

If you have received a flyer in your mailbox from SyncWave, you are serviceable. Please contact SyncWave for more information.

Residential Pricing Added Posted June 13th, 2010

Residential pricing information was added to the site and can be found here. We will be providing additional information regarding commerical internet connections and point to point connections soon.

In addition to service pricing, we have also improved site aesthetics and fixed a couple glitches.

Site Aesthetics & Functionality Updated Posted June 4th, 2010

We updated the site with additional information, a new menu system as well as several embellishments. You may notice formatting glitches here and there while we refine the newer design. Feel free to contact us via email if you notice a problem.

Site Nearly Complete Posted May 19th, 2010

The site has grown and evolved quickly since its inception in late April 2010, our rate plans and associated costs will be placed on the site soon. Be sure to check back often.